Day Twenty-Six: The Cold Bullet by David Drury

This is another piece from You can find it and it’s corresponding photograph here.

This short story details the fall of a preacher turned bank robber and a strange bullet. Short and mostly exposition, it reads as if one person is recounting an urban legend to a friend. Interesting and worth a read.

Day Twenty-Five: “Roadkill” by Gary Duncan

I found this piece on here. It draws inspiration from a photograph you can find at the link with the original story.

It is about a woman who begins to worry about everything after she kills a pheasant while driving. Though it is short, it’s really interesting and I think you guys should check it out.

Day Twenty-One: “Fleeing Complexity” by Jon McGregor

This is one of my favorite one-sentence stories.

“The fire spread quicker than the little bastard was expecting.”

Like the best stories, it makes you think. There are an unlimited number of interpretations to it. I imagine a metaphorical fire, the main character causing an event that hurts a group of people in their life.

What’s yours? Do you have any favorite one-line stories?

Day Twenty: “Poster Children” by Sandra Gail Lambert

This piece can be found here on Brevity Magazine’s website.

Told from the perspective of a polio victim, Lambert’s “Poster Children” is the story of a disability rights activist group protesting at a nursing home convention.

The last scene of this story, between a police officer and a woman named Caroline, is touching in a strange way. Like a lot the short stories I’ve been reading and suggesting lately, it makes you think.